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Ljers of Mid-Missouri and Columbia

welcome to columbia, missouri.....you should join this community & check out its info. OR you can look at these awesome links we have set up for you; thebluenote, movies&showtimes, hm cant think of anything else right now. xo.
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[02 Mar 2010|04:16am]

I'm trying to rehome my rabbits because my girlfriend is highly allergic to them (to the point that she can't even walk past the room they are in). I've done the Craigslist thing for 3 weeks now, and while a couple of them have been adopted this way, there are still two left.

One is a female PEW (pink eyed white) lionhead. She's adorable and while she's a little skittish if you chase her, she calms right down once she's in your arms.

The other is a male brown-grey long haired. He's a very sweet boy, but will likely need a bit of socialization to get used to someone new.

There's a small rehoming fee of $10 per rabbit, and I'm more than willing to meet in public here in Columbia to drop them off. Let me know if you're interested. I'd love to see them go to new homes soon, so that my girlfriend can lay off the doses of bennadryl and other allergy meds.

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Booms this morning [19 Oct 2009|02:23pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Did any one else hear big booms/explosions early this morning? A co-worker and I both mentioned it when we came in. I live up by Lake of the Woods and she lives down by Nifong and Providence. And then when second shift came in, another co-worker asked if anyone else heard booms. And he lives out in the country towrds Kingdom City!

Any one else?

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Serious need for Columbia talent... [22 Jun 2009|04:41pm]

Do you easily approach new people? Are you friendly and outgoing? We are seeking talent to help educate customers at a large retail store about various health topics.

We are in serious serious need for people in Columbia and MO in general.

We need people to work two weekends a month every month until November to educate customers on important health topics. You will aid to educate shoppers about a variety of important wellness topics and/or products (diabetes for example) while engaging customers in conversation and inviting them to stop by your kiosk that will be set up in the store. You must be able to work all weekends during your assigned month, but you do not need to work every month. You pick the months you wish to work!

The dates for July are as follows:
July 11th - July 12th
July 18th - 19th
Saturdays: 10:30-3:15
Sunday: 11:30-4:15

PAID training is given to all talent taking part in the program. Pay is $12/hr

We would love to add you to our database and get you involved with these promotions and others in Boward county!

More info HERECollapse )
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Restaurants [02 Jun 2009|01:40pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

I am still kinda new to town. I know that Columbia has a LOT of restaurants to choose from. Suggestions to where I should take my friend who is coming from Michigan to visit me??

already know I really like Hemmingway's, Chevy's (I know it's a chain, but we don't have those in Mich), Oki Mama, Boone Tavern.
Need suggestions.

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Survey [03 Apr 2009|01:12pm]

Hey All -

I'm a student at Columbia College working on a project about attitudes and experiences of people concerning tattoos in our community. If you have a few minutes, and you live in Columbia or surrounding towns, it would be a big help if you could take a look through the survey. All answers are confidential, and you will remain anonymous.

Thank you!!

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[02 Apr 2009|04:16pm]

[ mood | curious ]

So, there's a group called Femme Mafia, and they have a chapter in Springfield, but my girl and I were wondering if anyone else was interested in starting one up in the area? (Well, okay, technically she wants someone ELSE to start it, and just to attend events, but I'd be willing to be part of a board to get it started up!)

(From the website: What is The Femme Mafia?
At its most basic, it's an Atlanta-based progressive, edgy organization of self-identified femmes open to all genders and sexual orientations that seeks to foster connections between femmes, reinforce femme identity and provide members with the occasion to bask in their own fierce fabulousness and the fabulousness of others. In a larger sense, it provides us with a sense of community, a forum for the examination of our identities, of how each of us fits in the community at large and of how we femmes as a group can make a place for ourselves.

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Baby Shopping [28 Mar 2009|03:25pm]

Are there any great places to shop for baby paraphernalia in Columbia, or is it pretty much Target, Toys 'r' Us, Sears, and the like? In particular, is there is anywhere else locally that has a decent selection of cribs and other bigger ticket items? I know there used to be a locally owned shop in the Forum/Schnucks shopping center, but they seem to be gone?
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East Coast Writers reading at Cherry St. Artisan 3/4/09 [03 Mar 2009|03:52pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Three very talented writers from the east coast will be reading at Cherry Street Artisan tomorrow night, Wednesday, March 4th at 8pm.

Columbia is the first stop on their Midwest tour! See CA Conrad, poet, read excerpts from "The Book of Frank." Conrad is a long time personal friend of mine, and I know he's been working on this material for over 25 years. See some samples at  http://www.jargonbooks.com/frank.html.

In addition, Magdalena Zurawski will be reading from her new book "The Bruise," and Aaron Kunin will be reading from his new book "The Mandarin."

For additonal information about the tour and each of these writer's works, see http://fbman888.blogspot.com/2009/02/its-coming-to-midwest-of-america.html.

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Fetish Ball / Open Play Night! [21 Jan 2009|09:22am]

[ mood | excited ]

9 pm, $5 cover!!

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Kill the Messenger - Lonnie Ray's BBQ [13 Jan 2009|08:43pm]

Kill the Messenger - Lonnie Ray's Bar-B-Q

Want some good ol' fashion bar-b-q?
Check out Lonnie Ray's in Harrisburg, Missouri, home of some of the best bar-b-q in the land. Join Luc A. (from Kill the Messenger & IT'S!) and Mike (of Lonnie Ray's Bar-B-Q) as they discuss what makes Lonnie Ray's so unique and so good.

Mention this interview and get $1.00 OFF any dinner entree at Lonnie Ray's Bar-B-Q!
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[12 Nov 2008|12:35am]

Fight the H8 in Your State

Protest against the passage of Proposition 8 in California, and in favor of marriage parity for GLBT people in CoMo. Details are still being organized, but you can find info re: who to contact here.
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Garage Sale [22 Sep 2008|10:55am]

235 Sarazen Dr. 65202 (Lake of the Woods exit)

2 family sale with baby items, furniture, books, videos, pet stuff, etc.
Saturday Sept 27th, from 8-12 noon.
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Intracranial Butchery "Inhalation of Viral Corpustles" Music Video [06 Sep 2008|03:12am]

Intracranial Butchery "Inhalation of Viral Corpustles" Music Vid
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Columbia Second Chance: Dog Wash This Saturday! [19 Jun 2008|02:53pm]

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Central Missouri Saturday Retro Video Dance Party [19 Jun 2008|12:16am]

[ mood | excited ]

Come celebrate my birthday in retro video style!
I will begin at 8:30 and run until 1:30.



Upcoming Events by Eventful
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smokeless bars in columbia? [17 Jun 2008|12:20pm]

hi kiddies,

i have never been to columbia, but i will be this summer. i also dont know the politics of the area (yeah, i know, i suck and im too lazy to look up).

can someone tell me if there are any smokeless bars in and around the mizzou area? is maybe the whole area smokeless? thanks!
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Mid-Mo's own Massive Mouth [13 Jun 2008|01:04am]

We filmed a music video for Massive Mouth last week.

Massive Mouth "Cough Drops" music video
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papasan frame, anyone? [06 Jun 2008|08:23am]

I'm looking to give away a frame for a double-papasan (think the width of two papasans, not two regular sized ones stacked on each other) if anyone is interested. It doesn't have a cushion right now and I haven't had any luck buying one in town - I've seen some on the internet for about $150 and the frame is a bit older (read: it's got a bit of wear but when I still had a cushion it had no problem holding an adult sized person or two, I slept in it pretty frequently but then again I'm short) so I figured I'd just buy some other furniture instead. That said, if you wanted to make your own cushion/throw a bunch of blankets in it/already happen to have the right sized cushion (no, Pier 1 doesn't have the big ones any more) or just make a fort out of it or something, you'd be quite welcome to do so.

I can't deliver it to anyone since it won't fit in my small car so you'd have to arrange a way to get it (near Michael's at Stadium/Ash).

Also, it might need to wait to get to you until June 16th or after since I'm going out of town tomorrow and I'm not so great at email-checking in general but I'll try to keep up at checking while I'm at work today.
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[29 May 2008|07:48pm]

[ mood | industrious ]

anyone want to get together and jam?

here's the story: my boyfriend plays bass and is really awesome. he's playing with a band that just doesn't fit with him musically or personality wise. They're really controlling and a bit irrational. It's really crap because he just wants to make music so I'm out to find him some new people. His favorite bands are Primus and the white stripes


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Couches for sale [29 May 2008|02:56pm]

Trying to move some couches.  $50 each or better offer.

The first is in good condition.  It is about 7'6" long by 3'3" deep.

The second is also in good condition.  It is about 8' long by 3' 6" deep.  This one has two holes in the cushion as evidenced in the photos.

I had cats with the couches, but there has been no history of inappropriate bathroom use on the couches.  Just figured I would mention it in case someone might be allergic to dander.

You pick up the couch pretty much at your leisure.  Available now.

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