ellen (ellen_the_snail) wrote in columbia_mo,

papasan frame, anyone?

I'm looking to give away a frame for a double-papasan (think the width of two papasans, not two regular sized ones stacked on each other) if anyone is interested. It doesn't have a cushion right now and I haven't had any luck buying one in town - I've seen some on the internet for about $150 and the frame is a bit older (read: it's got a bit of wear but when I still had a cushion it had no problem holding an adult sized person or two, I slept in it pretty frequently but then again I'm short) so I figured I'd just buy some other furniture instead. That said, if you wanted to make your own cushion/throw a bunch of blankets in it/already happen to have the right sized cushion (no, Pier 1 doesn't have the big ones any more) or just make a fort out of it or something, you'd be quite welcome to do so.

I can't deliver it to anyone since it won't fit in my small car so you'd have to arrange a way to get it (near Michael's at Stadium/Ash).

Also, it might need to wait to get to you until June 16th or after since I'm going out of town tomorrow and I'm not so great at email-checking in general but I'll try to keep up at checking while I'm at work today.
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